No more needles

Synovia a new Natural supplement that will end agony of arthritis

New pill boosts the same lubricating joint fluid as expensive and painful injections – without using a needle. Users report dramatic relief from swelling, pain and stiffness without side effects and expense.

New Discovery Leads to All Natural Amazing Joint-Pain Relief

A popular needle injection for people with joint pain is now available in an inexpensive nonprescription pill. The breakthrough came when researchers discovered a way to deliver the injected “Relief molecule” through the digestive system. Top US clinics have used these needle injections for years because they deliver powerful relief. Unfortunately, the shots are painful and expensive. They also only work on the joint being treated.
The new pill, called Synovia has some impressive advantages. First, it’s inexpensive and nonprescription. Also, relief is delivered to every joint in the body because it enters the bloodstream through the digestive system.

This gives it the ability to reduce a much wider variety of pain. Users report greater flexibility and less stiffness in their knees. Hands and shoulders move pain-free for the first time in years. Even neck and lower back pain improve dramatically.

All this without spending over $900 on needle injections and taking trips to the doctor every week. In fact, the costly joint-pain injection might be replaced by the new Synovia $1 Pill.

The All Natural: Synovia is a great option for those suffering from joint pain. Injections are usually a last resort because of the pain and expense. However, Synovia should be taken at the first sign of discomfort.

Solving the Unsolvable

The needle injection procedure has been given to hundreds of thousands of patients over the last several years. Doctors use the shots to boost a critical element of the joint called synovial fluid. This lubricating fluid is found between the cartilage and bones of every joint.

Researchers at BioParanta Inc. have been working for 7 years to find a way to boost this fluid noninvasively. Scientists conquered this obstacle by introducing an innovative formulation of seven molecules that is easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines! 

Now those who suffer from joint pain can get relief without expensive injections. At less than $1 per day, early users like Robert Miller are impressed. He says, “I’ve tried more pills than I can count, without any luck. Synovia is different. My knees and hands haven’t felt this good in years!” 

Outstanding Success 

It’s easy to see why people in pain are excited to use Synovia and get relief without an injection.


The New Way it Delivers Relief

Getting relief without injections has big advantages. The most obvious is avoiding being stuck by a large needle every week for 5 weeks.

Another downside of injections is the doctor can “miss”. The needle needs to be inserted into a precise spot in the joint to work. Otherwise, you risk the treatment being ineffective.

However, boosting your lubricating joint fluid by taking a pill delivers relief to all your joints, not just one. There’s an additional reason Synovia works so well – it nourishes the cartilage.

Medically, this is vital because cartilage does not have blood vessels. The synovial fluid in the joint serves two very important pain-relief roles: lubrication and giving the cartilage the nutrients it needs.


Endorsed by Experts

Needle injections for joint pain have been around for years because they work. Being able to get the same relief molecule through a pill is amazing. Injections may be a last resort. Indeed many doctors recommend Synovia at the first sign of pain.

The extensive research behind Synovia is very exciting. This product is a great choice for those who haven’t had success with other joint pain treatments. We are proud that Synovia is the #1 recommended brand by orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists to protect cartilage, and to help keep joints healthy and flexible.

We are confident of Synovia and we’ve seen how well it works. Now we want to remove any risk for those who might think Synovia sounds too good to be true.

Simply take the easy to swallow pill exactly as directed. You should enjoy significant pain and swelling relief. Otherwise, return the product as directed and you’ll receive 100% of your money.


How to Get Synovia

We are offering a special discounted supply to first time buyers who order online Synovia.  Use the special coupon discount: SYN19 .

Alternatively, a national order hotline has been setup for phone orders. This is the only way to try the new breakthrough with “100% money back” guarantee.

All you have to do is call 613-878-3745 and provide the operator with the special discount approval code: SYN19.




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