In addition to being a specialist in innovative natural health products, BioParanta is also a market pioneer in the personalized manufacture of dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and natural health products. Our production facilities, close partnership with industry leaders and a large team of experienced scientists ensure the integrity and durability of goods. BioParanta is dedicated to offering a one-stop shop, from personalized product formulation, manufacturing and packaging, to technical support and analytical services, as well as registration with the regulatory agencies for basically everything you need.

Bioparanta Synovia arthritis red stallion medical

BioParanta has integrated traditional medicine theory with advanced modern technology for more almost 10 years to assist our customers in formula formation, formula production and optimization, as well as in developing new processing techniques.

BioParanta provides strong scientific and development support to our customers for formulated botanical products, ranging from the creation, development, production and commercialization of analytical methods. BioParanta is ready to discuss a technology transfer as a new initiative, enabling fellow international industry participants to increase their market share during a strong time of growth in the industry. BioParanta will provide vital team support and advice through an intellectual property agreement on how to draw on their uniquely creative formulas 

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