Bioparanta Inc. continues to pursue business development opportunities that align with our therapeutic focus in Men’s and Women’s Health (Joints and bones health, Memory and focus, Urinary tract infection, Male sex health and weight management). However, we are open to consideration of opportunities in other complimentary therapeutic areas.

We also have an interest in partnership with third parties in jurisdictions outside of Canada that have the requisite expertise in marketing pharmaceutical products, as well as sufficient resources to effectively commercialize our products at a favorable value inflection point for each of our pipeline programs.

Become a Partner

Bioparanta Inc. offers in-house expertise at all stages of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from clinical and regulatory competency to full commercialization capabilities.

For more information on partnership opportunities with Bioparanta, please contact us at [email protected].

If You Are Looking For New and Innovative Canadian Products To Sell, Bioparanta Wholesale Would Like To Help You Increase Your Sales Revenues.

Whether you are a very large company with vast distribution in your homeland seeking exclusivity for your country, or a smaller distributor that wants to sell unique products and increase revenues, Bioparanta would like to partner with you. A key to your success in the consumer marketplace is to offer products and health solutions that few of your competitors are offering. Find a need in the marketplace. We have done that for you by addressing some of the most serious health problems our world faces, but are under served in the marketplace.

The natural health industry is thriving around the world with almost $70 billion in natural product sales last year in Canada and USA alone. But even thriving businesses and practices cannot remain stagnant, and they must continue to grow and bring their customers fresh and new products that meet their needs. Your business must also be able to work with profit margins that make it very lucrative to market them.

We are completely committed to providing you with:

  • Unique, Effective and High Quality Health Products
  • Outstanding Support
  • Highest Possible Profit Margins
  • A Strong and Credible Canadian Brand Name
  • An Incredible Marketing Opportunity For Your Country
  • An Industry That Is Exploding In Growth
  • Ongoing Investment In Research and Development To Continue To Offer You New and Innovative Products.

contact us at [email protected]

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