Headquartered in Ottawa-Ontario, Bioparanta Inc. is an emerging consumer goods and specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the commercialization, licensing and development of safe and effective non-prescription medicine, consumer care products, and supplements to improve men’s and women’s health and vitality.

Our products currently focus in six main categories, including joints and bones health, pain management, sexual health, urinary tract infection, memory and focus health and weight management.

We deliver innovative and unique health solutions of consumer and health products, and clinical supplements through four general channels including Direct to Consumer Marketing, E-Commerce, Retail/Wholesale, and International Distribution.

Our products are carefully selected with years of rigorous scientific research on each ingredient. Our MADE IN CANADA products get the job done because we select only the finest high potency ingredients available anywhere.All of our products are scientifically formulated in FDA and Health Canada approved pharmaceutical grade laboratories under the highest quality standards in the industry.

Bioparanta’s mission is to in-license, acquire or develop consumer health care products designed for in-home treatment of medical conditions and ailments to help customers take care of themselves and their families in order to lead healthy lives.

The Origin of the Name

Bioparanta was founded in 2013 in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario in Canada by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with a shared passion for providing healthy nutritional supplements grounded in the power of nature.

The Bioparanta name means to heal (Finnish language). In the early days, during nutritional content testing procedures, our researchers discovered some of the most innovative formulations for bone and joints health, urinary tract infection, memory and focus, natural male enhancement and healthier weight management. Inspired by the power of nature, viewed through the lens of science with the intention to make a change in the quality of life and healthier people, our brand name was born. Today, Bioparanta products form cornerstone of the finest natural health products and supplements offered in Canada and the world.

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